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Many events are scheduled within the scope of ARSAF

International Conference

17 March 2020

8:00-9:00      Registration
8:30-9:00      VIP Welcoming
9:00-9:30    Opening Ceremony
9:30:10:00  Group Photo- Coffee break

Ministers and Deputy Ministers and decision makers from Arab Countries will discuss the following topics:

  • State of the Art in the Arab countries and future visions
  • Common Arab visions/strategies towards the achievement of the Food security
  • Agriculture methods used in the dry and semi-arid regions
  • The role of ICTs in achieving food security in the region
  • Initiatives launched by Arab countries
  • Benchmarking experiences

Topics to be discussed : 

  • The role of e-transformation and technological innovation in achieving sustainable agricultural development
  • Projected and expected role of the 5G technology and networks for the sake of the development and sustainability of Agriculture
  • AI-driven technologies are emerging to help improve efficiency and to address challenges facing the industry including, crop yield, soil health and herbicide-resistance. Agricultural robots are poised to become a highly valued application of AI in this sector
  • Internet of Things (IoT) technology and services to promote sustainable agricultural development
  • Climate smart agriculture
  • Arab, regional and international experiences and initiatives

Topics to be discussed : 

  • Role of the telecommunication regulators in the development of national strategies in the field of smart agriculture
  • The role of ICT infrastructure towards building sustainable agricultural development
  • Areas of cooperation between the public and private sectors
  • Success stories and best practices in the region
  • The importance of developing national e-agriculture strategies
  • Arab Smart Agriculture initiatives and their role in achieving the SDGs 2030
  • Executive summary of the day
  • Announcement of the Launch of the Arab Competition on the Smart Farming
  • Recommendations

Training and specialized workshops

18 March 2020

  1. Workshop 1: Role of 5G networks & technology in Changing the Future of Agriculture and achieving Food Security: Global Experiences

Topics : 

  • Internet as learning platform for e-agriculture technology
  • E-agriculture strategy development
  • Building a smart sustainable farm
  • 5G use cases and benefits for e-agriculture
  • Satellite farming
  • Cybersecurity for e-agriculture