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5G and New Technology Trends for the Sustainable Agriculture Development

  • Program

The One-day international conference will be divided into sessions/panels dealing with Smart agriculture and Smart technologies both on regulatory and technical aspects. Several topics will be discussed on the occasion as follows:

  • Panel 1 : Ministerial Panel / High level panel Arab Food Safety/Security : Challenges and horizons
  • Panel 2 : How would the new technological trends change the future of the Agriculture ?
  • Panel 3 : Arab “Smart Agriculture” initiatives
  • Open debate/Round table : The way forward : « Meeting the need of forward-thinking’s solutions and visions »
  • Closing & Recommendations

Download the full version of the Agenda 

  • Language of the Conference

    The working language will be Arabic and English (With the availability of a 2 languages translation)

  • Speakers

    Eminent regional and international experts from the public and private sectors will animate the different panels of the forum and will share with a high-level audience their knowledge, experiences and recent findings of the opportunities and challenges of IoT based-technology, 5G and other technological trends for sustainable agricultural development and their visions for the way forward.